Innovative technology based on constructed wetlands for treatment of pesticide conteminated waters




Project duration
01.01.2020 – 31.12.2023 (48 months)

Contract no.

Technical University of Liberec

Project manager in GIG
Department of Water Protection
Grzegorz Gzyl Ph. Eng.

Project Partners:

  • Technical University of Liberec,
  • Aarhus University,
  • DIAMO, státní podnik, odštěpný závod Správa uranových ložisek Příbram,
  • Central Mining Institute,
  • City of Jaworzno,
  • Photon Water Technology,

Project description
LIFEPOPWAT is a European project focusing on innovative technology based on constructed wetlands for treatment of pesticide contaminated waters. This new technology is more stable in operation, does not require ongoing attendance, and is cheaper than conventional methods. Moreover it can be deployed in remote locations where access to infrastructure may be limited. Technology called “Wetland+”, is based on integrated reactive zones with wetland as a polishing step. LIFEPOPWAT will deliver two prototypes, one at large pilot scale, as an exemplar at Hajek (CZ), and one as a field pilot Jaworzno (PL). Technology in the project is implemented in highly contaminated areas, but it will also successfully work in less contaminated areas.



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