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Hydrogen from municipal solid waste (RDF) - working meeting of the HydroMine project consortium in MONS

On April 24, the first working meeting of the research project. The meeting was held by Materia Nova - R&D company in the field of modern energy technologies.

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REECOL: Ecological rehabilitation and long-term monitoring of post-mining areas

REECOL project aims to establish procedures and solutions for ecological rehabilitation and long-term monitoring of post-mining areas

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Hydrogen from municipal solid waste (RDF) - meeting inaugurating the HydroMine research project

The main goal of the HydroMine project is to develop the basis for an innovative gasification technology for the high-energy fraction of municipal waste (Refuse Derived Fuel - RDF) aimed at producing gas with a high hydrogen content.

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Wodór z odpadów komunalnych (RDF) - spotkanie inaugurujące projekt badawczy HydroMine

Workshops presenting the solutions of project HEET II

On 17 November 2023, workshops were held at the GIG-PIB Experimental Mine Barbara, presenting the results of the international project HEET II

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Cooperation agreement between the Central Mining Institute – National Research Institute and CISCO, IBM and Sevenet

On 3 November 2023, a cooperation agreement was signed at the GIG-PIB office in Katowice, between the Central Mining Institute-National Research Institute and companies from the information technology sector: CISCO, IBM and Sevenet S.A.

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