AWAIR project trainings and workshops for Katowice stakeholders

In february 2021 polish AWAIR project team of Central Mining Institut and Katowice City representatives has organized a series of 4 online workshops for local stakeholders and 3 trainings for admistrators. 140 workshops participants of vulnerable groups, like youth, seniors, people with asthma or allergies, people with chronic cardiac or respiratory diseases, pregnant woman, diabetics and school teachers were provided with informations about problems of air quality and its impact on peoples health and how to face SAPEs, concerning mitigation and adaptation activities. Attendees has been involved in rising air pollution awarness and give active feedback thanks to contest about air pollution.

Trainings attented over 50 participants deliver administrators and managers of public buildings informations about dealing with the air emergency indicators and application of the Severe Air Pollution Episodes management protocol. It covers also important information about Katowice short-term measures plan. Partcipants has been invited to join to Awair platform as a part of air pollution awareness-raising initiative.

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