Cooperation agreement between the Central Mining Institute – National Research Institute and CISCO, IBM and Sevenet

On 3 November 2023, a cooperation agreement was signed at the GIG-PIB office in Katowice, between the Central Mining Institute-National Research Institute and companies from the information technology sector: CISCO, IBM and Sevenet S.A..

All the parties to the agreement expressed their will to cooperate within the scope of cybersecurity and to exchange information about the current solutions in this field. Some of the goals include enhancing competence in terms of awareness concerning the risks and methods of attacks in cyberspace as well as the possibilities of countering such risks in the ICT systems and networks of the companies that form ISAC-GIG.

The companies that signed the agreement with GIG are global leaders in the IT industry, and they are vocal about their readiness to support the Polish mining sector within the scope of digitisation and cyberattack protection. All the parties declared their willingness to undertake action to increase awareness on cybersecurity through such means as the conduction of educational campaigns and training initiatives including e.g. postgraduate studies in the field of cybersecurity in IT and OT networks.


The ISAC-GIG: Information Sharing and Analysis Center within the Central Mining Institute is the first Polish cybersecurity center for the mining and power industry in Poland. It was established in 2022, and its signatories include all the Polish mining companies.

CISCO is a global leader in developing and implementing information technology and networking products, and provides services and solutions for innovation-based economies. The Cisco Country Digitization Acceleration (CDA) program supports national transition through initiatives within the scope of digitisation, while one of its recommended actions is the acceleration of the digital transition of public administration units and enhancement of the efficiency of the mining sector.

IBM is one of the oldest and largest information technology companies in the world. It is involved in practically every segment of the IT market, from computers to nanotechnology. Currently, it offers modern solutions based on consulting and information technology services.

SEVENET S.A. is a Polish company from the IT sector, listed on the NewConnect market, which delivers advanced ICT solutions for businesses and institutions in Poland. It offers services related to the design, implementation, configuration and servicing of ICT solutions.

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