Ewa Janson became an External Expert of the European Union Environmental Technologies Verification

We are pleased to inform that PhD eng. Ewa Janson has become an External Expert of the European Union Environmental Technologies Verification (EU ETV) in Central Mining Institute.

Environmental technologies are products, processes and services that demonstrate the so-called environmental added value, i.e. a more beneficial or less harmful effect on the environment than technologies currently used for the same purpose. They are also technologies that measure parameters that indicate the impact on the environment.

Innovative environmental technologies play an important role in solving problems related to environmental and climate protection and achieving sustainable development. At the same time, entering the market with the new technology and proving its effectiveness to the buyer is a serious challenge for manufacturers, especially in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises. New technologies also cannot show references from previous applications, which seriously limits their market opportunities, especially in the context of public procurement. Moreover, due to the innovative nature of solutions, standards, certificates of compliance and technical approvals appropriate for given technologies do not reflect their innovative features, which constitute a competitive advantage.

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is a service provided by the European Commission to help technology providers with new innovative environmental technologies reach the market with a competitive advantage. The ETV process takes the technology through a third-party validation which assesses the performance of the technology based on independent and credible information using the internationally recognised ISO standard 14034. The result is a ‘Statement of Verification’ detailing that the technology performance claims are complete, fair and based on reliable test results. With proof of performance credibly assured, innovations can expect an easier market access and/or a larger market share and the technological risk is reduced for technology purchasers and investors. Currently, a technology that performs well above normal standards or that presents an innovative approach to solve an environmental problem can face difficulties in penetrating the market due to lack of independent and credible evidence of its advantages. On the other hand, technology purchasers or investors committed to finding the best solution for their situation are often faced with non-comparable, incomplete or non-trustworthy performance information when assessing the available choices on the market.

ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) can significantly facilitate and support the commercialization and dissemination of innovative environmentally friendly technologies on the European market. It is an independent, credible and science-based confirmation that the technology actually performs as declared by the supplier / developer.

ETV is neither certification nor labeling as the assessment is not made against predefined technical specifications or standards.

ETV verifies the innovation of the solution in the context of the obtained ecological effect of the technology from the perspective of its life cycle, i.e. the technology is innovative when it is new in terms of:

  • design / construction
  • raw materials / materials necessary for its production
  • method of manufacture / production process
  • operation
  • recyclability / final disposal.

The process of verification of environmental technologies is specified in the PN-ISO 14034: 2016 standard. Environmental management: Verification of environmental technologies.

Read more: https://ec.europa.eu/environment/ecoap/etv_en




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