Final Conference AWAIR Joint action of FUA’s on air pollution

25th february 2021 the Awair final conference with almost 90 attendees took place. It was a joint effort of three European Functional Urban Areas (FUAs): Katowice in Poland, Parma in Italy, and Budapest in Hungary. All these regions are sharing the same challenges, to define new indicators for air quality, to evaluate the effectiveness of measures applied during Severe Air Pollution Events (SAPEs), and to support the development of better approaches to protect the health of citizens, with a special focus on vulnerable and susceptible people. Conference summarised AWAIR project achievements and the collaboration among FUA members and stakeholders. Discussions focused on the increase of knowledge about air quality, to increase the awareness about the impacts of air quality on health, and to prompt changes in attitudes and behaviour in citizens and stakeholders for the benefit of everyone.

The AWAIR Interreg Europe project reflected the need to enhance and exchange knowledge and good practices among the FUA policymakers and researchers. In the three years of AWAIR process, the partners and their regional stakeholders developed Action Plans, applications (APPs), and training materials which contribute to the effectiveness of the Interreg policy. These tools have been developed and are ready for adaptation to other local communities.

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