Hydrogen Storage In European Subsurface


GIG participates in the project as a Linked Third Party as part of the Network of Excellence on the Geological Storage of CO2 (CO2GEONET) based on the Accession Agreement to the Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement for the FCH2JU project n. 101007176 — “HyStorIES”.

Duration of the project:
1.01.2021 r. – 31.12.2022 r.

Project description:
Hydrogen obtained from renewable sources in combination with its large-scale underground storage enables energy transmission over time, balancing the influence of the variable production of renewable energy. While pure hydrogen has been stored in salt caverns in Europe since the 70s, it has never been stored in depleted fields or aquifers.

The conducted technical and economic feasibility studies will provide decision-makers in governments and industry with a better insight into the issues of underground hydrogen storage. Modelling a European energy system will first determine the demand for hydrogen storage. Studies of the influence on the environment and society will be carried out as well. A cost analysis for the development of each considered option of geological storage will be performed for every given location and hydrogen storage demand, whereas the locations will be classified based on technical and economic criteria established as part of the project. Several case studies will make it possible to consider the accomplishment of potential projects, particularly by weighing their economic potential.

Head of the project in GIG:

Zakład Geologii, Geofizyki i Ochrony Powierzchni
mgr inż. Tomasz Urych
e-mail: turych@gig.eu
tel. 32 259 27 84


+ 48-32-259-2000