HydroCOAL Plus

Development and demonstration of Hydro Brehole Technology to improve the competiveness of brown coal excavating techniques worldwide and to minimize their environmental impact

Source of financing:
This project has received co-funding from the Research Fund for Coal and Steel RFCS – 2017 under grant agreement No 800757

Duration of the project:
01.06.2018 - 30.11.2022

Contact person:
Prof. dr hab. inż. czł. rzecz. PAN Józef Dubiński
phone: +48 32 259 22 22
email: jdubinski@gig.eu

Project Leader:
Central Mining Institute

- PGE GiEK S.A. – Bełchatów, 
- POLTEGOR – Instytut Górnictwa Odkrywkowego PIB, 
- Uniwersytet Techniczny Akademii Górniczej – TU BAF FREIBERG (Germany),
- SD Severočeské Doly (Czech Republic).

Description of the project:
The aim of the HydroCoal Plus project is to test the innovative hydro-well technology (HBM Hydraulic Borehole Mining) for the exploitation of brown coal in the conditions of the Bełchatów field. Before starting the tests in Bełchatów, preliminary tests will also be carried out on the hard coal deposit of the "Barbara" Experimental Mine.

Importance for industry:
The hydro-borehole technology (HBM) does not compete with the currently used classical methods (opencast and underground), but it can be a real and the only alternative for the development of deposits that cannot be exploited with the above-mentioned classical methods.
The interest of European lignite producers (PGE GiEK, Severočeské Doly) confirms the importance and significance of the project's assumptions for industry and gives the opportunity to disseminate the project's results among leading European industrial partners.
Testing the HBM technology in the "Barbara" Experimental Mine (GIG) and in the Bełchatów opencast mine (PGE) is to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing the technology on an industrial scale.

For more information please visit https://hydrocoalplus.eu/

+ 48-32-259-2000