Coal Regions in Ukraine to Benefit from Poland’s Lessons on ‘Just Transition’

Central Mining Institute and Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas are partners of project on Just Transition for Poland and Ukraine. Initiative has been launched by Poland’s National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and the World Bank, in cooperation with the European Commission, to facilitate a knowledge exchange between coal regions in Poland and Ukraine that can help both countries prepare for an energy transformation in the coming years.

“Our goal is to introduce our Ukrainian partners to the projects and solutions that constitute the transformation process that has been taking place in our region for over 20 years. Given the scale of the challenges that we face, Silesia is perceived as a kind of laboratory for fair transformation in Europe. For the purposes of this project, we've prepared a programme of workshops, presentations and various forms of interaction, dedicated to a broad group of stakeholders,” says Jan Bondaruk, D.Sc., Deputy Director for Environmental Engineering at the Central Mining Institute, who participates in the work related to the transformation of mining regions as part of the Platform (Coal Regions in Transition).

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