The first meeting of the stakeholders of Project LIFE BRINE-MINING

The first international meeting of stakeholders organised as part of Project LIFE BRINE-MINING, or “Demonstration of an advanced technique for eliminating coal mine wastewater (brines) combined with resource recovery,“ took place at GIG on September 29, 2021. Over 70 stakeholders from scientific institutions and mining companies such as PGG, SRK, JSW, Tauron Wydobycie and KGHM took part in the meeting. During the opening, Dimitris Xevgenos, the project manager, stated that the organisers hoped that the session would provide an excellent opportunity for exchanging experience with regard to mine brine treatment and for facilitating further cooperation as part of the project.

Project LIFE BRINE-MINING is coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens and carried out by a consortium of 9 partners representing companies and research and development institutions from Poland, Greece and the Netherlands. Its purpose is to provide support in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and to promote solutions intended for the establishment of circular economy, thereby allowing the hard coal mining sector to manage mine wastewater with greater efficiency. The developed innovative system will make it possible to eliminate undesired products and fully recover resources from coal mine wastewater at source, as well as to treat and directly recover end products (salt and water) of high quality and purity.

Project LIFE BRINE-MINING is financed as part of the European Union's LIFE program.

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