The REM project launched officially

The REM project is the largest EU grant to go to the Polish mining industry, with the budget more than €21 million. It is an international project, which won first place in the Coal and Steel Research Fund's "Big Tickets" call launched in 2022. The project is coordinated by the Central Mining Institute.
The project's goal is to determine the possibility of obtaining methane from the goafs of an active mine and the construction of a de-methanation system for a reduced concentration of methane in the captured gas. At the "Pniówek" coking coal mine, owned by Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa, the world's first innovative installation will be built to reduce methane emissions into the atmosphere from abandoned areas of a working mine. Methane extracted from post-mining goafs will be used to produce electricity in specially designed gas engines, connected to power generators. The solutions tested in this project will ultimately be introduced in all JSW mines. They can also be successfully used in any methane underground coal mine characterized by a multi-seam deposit.
The project will be completed in 2027. It is being carried out by an international consortium made up of Polish entities: GIG, JSW, the Oil and Gas Institute-PIB, and the National Geological Institute-PIB, which are the founders of the International Center of Excellence for Coal Mine Methane (ICE-CMM), together with the Spanish University of Oviedo and the Insemex Institute of Romania.
The project coordinator is Dr. Jacek Skiba of GIG.
The official website of the REM project is:

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