Workshops presenting the results of the first stage of the realisation of project TERDUMP

On the 13th of June, 2018, workshops presenting the results of the first stage of the realisation of project “TERDUMP: VSB-TUO/GIG Kce cooperation on thermally active waste dump studies on both sides of the common border“ took place at the Central Mining Institute in Katowice. The project is realised in cooperation with our Czech partner, the Technical University of Ostrava, as part of the Interreg V-A Czech Republic-Poland 2014-2020 programme.

The quality of air at the borderland is strongly related to its flow and its circulation system, which happen not to be confined by state borders. Fires developing within waste dump areas lead to increased emissions of harmful substances and are detrimental to the environment. The goal of the project is to solve the problem of assessing emissions from thermally active waste dumps in border areas, using methods and procedures comparable for both the Polish and the Czech project partners.

Preliminary studies were prepared and conducted at two sites as part of the first stage of the project. The sites in Poland included the Wrzosy waste dump in Pszów and the Marcel waste dump in Radlin. Quarterly monitoring will be conducted there as well, the results of which will make it possible to assess the emissions of individual compounds to the atmosphere. They will also be of use to waste disposal ground owners, in order for them to manage these areas better and eliminate the risks of environmental pollution.

“However, we must remember that the main goal of the project is the cooperation of Polish and Czech research teams in determining homogeneous measuring and field sampling methods, as well as their analytical procedures and preparation, so that we may obtain comparable results together,” says Leszek Drobek, D.Sc., the project manager.

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