Workshops presenting the solutions of project HEET II

On 17 November 2023, workshops were held at the GIG-PIB Experimental Mine Barbara, presenting the results of the international project titled: HEET II – Innovative high efficiency power system for machines and devices, increasing the level of work safety in underground mining excavations.

The main goal of the project is to improve work safety and electrical safety in mines. This is achieved through the development of modern systems of electric power transmission based on wireless and single-wire transmission. Technologically advanced, light composite materials were used for this purpose, serving as the basis for constructing an integrated monorail system. The underground test facility of the GIG-PIB Experimental Mine Barbara was chosen as the place for integrating the new solutions and testing the composite rails of the wireless suspended monorail power system in underground conditions.

The coordinator of the project is KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology, while its partners include: RWTH from Germany, the Dunarea de Jos of Galati University from Romania, the Silesian University of Technology, JSW Innowacje, the Polish company SWE and the Central Mining Institute-National Research Institute. Project HEET II is financed by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel and the Ministry of Science and Education.

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