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Development of information systems:

  • Development of information systems for industrial processes management;
  • Development of information technology solutions for environmental engineering;
  • Software development for supporting scientific research and projects.

  • Designing and implementation of optoelectronic (including laser) mining equipment and sensors (mining lasers, anemometers, methanometers, vibration and tilt sensors, shaft testing and monitoring systems) - new 3D scanning solutions for excavations, caverns and tanks, dynamic flame detection.
  • Designing and implementation of monitoring systems for the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere (methane, carbon dioxide, dust etc.) and optical radiation (UV, visible optical radiation, infrared, laser), both in the working environment and in open spaces (eg landfill sites, heaps), also for monitoring.of mercury vapors.
  • Designing of laser metrology systems for needs of geodesy and building construction (eg, laser plummets, laser vibration and tilt sensors, laser scanners, etc.). Profiling with the use of 2D scanners on vehicles and on-line facilities. Servicing of laser vibration and tilt sensors.

The scope of activities at the Underground Research Department comprises all the issues related to the excavation of raw materials. The main direction of the research is new mining technologies, the testing of prototype equipment in underground conditions and problems connected with hazards in the underground mining environment.

Department KD-5 is not only dedicated to some mining projects but also undertakes complex tasks in almost all branches of industry, especially if the specific environment or process requires some research in the field of explosives and fire hazards.

The site of our research activity, located on two levels of the ""Barbara"" Experimental Mine, is fundamental for the department. The Subterranean infrastructure of the structure allows for the research of new technologies, solutions and prototypes of machinery and equipment in underground mining.

As regards industrial safety tests, research tunnels equipped with a modern measurement system make it possible to obtain various parameters of physical phenomena, dust and gas explosions and fires. There is also an integrated monitoring system on the surface and visualization of the development of the experiments.

The Department is currently working on some new technologies and machinery to obtain methane from coal deposits.

Future activity of the department will be related to public safety issues such as gas and explosion hazard research in enclosed areas and underground (subway tunnels, etc.) as well as military research.

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